Painting Home Improvement

Painting Contractors and Quotes

The quote from the College Station professional painter at first seems a little high, but we decided to select them out of several quotes. The workers were on time, courteous, and professional. They didn’t cut any corners on the preparation work, which is the bulk of a painting job. They removed 40 year old wallpaper from 84 year old walls and wood trim, and did a wonderful job making them look new and updated. I work from home, and the workers were courteous and tried to impact my work as little as possible. The workers also cleaned up after themselves everyday before leaving.
When the painting job were completed, they did a great job putting things back – door knobs, fixtures, stairway railing. Considering the amount and quality of care of their work on this project, I would now say that their quote was a good deal. We are so satisfied, we plan on using Painting Home Improvement for other work as well.

The Waco painting contractor was always on time and came through with every promise when we decided to add-on and remodel the kitchen. The work was meticulous and P.H.I. was always accommodating with changes we made and had great ideas. We always get compliments about our new kitchen.
Thank you very much for the work you’ve done. I really appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism. My kitchen is so beautiful and the envy of many. We’ve worked with several painting contractors in Kansas City, but love your work the most.

Painting versus Siding your Home

How long are you going to stay in this home?

If you put siding on your house, will you be able to get the cost back when you sell?

Are you willing to paint your house every four to five years?

Consider this fact: Siding does for the sides of your home what shingles do for your roof. Siding protects your home from rain, snow, sun, and wind, and prevents moisture from entering your walls causing decay and rotting. Siding also makes your home more beautiful and maintenance-free—increasing its curb appeal and resale value.


The money you spend on paint is lost every 4 to 5 years, while the money you spend on siding can last for the life of the home. Plus your home will sell for a higher price with siding, so you are really getting your money back.  Consider the energy savings

Insulation Effect

Most people overlook this point.  Siding will actually increase your home’s insulation effect. Over the life time of your home, you could be saving a few hundred a year with siding.  “Vinyl siding can lower your heating bills by as much as  9-14%.  You have different options when having your siding installed. Ask about insulating your home at the same time you are installing the siding.Before you decide you need to know there are other options.

Technology has improved over the past ten years and now you have the option of using a liquid vinyl paint that last for the life of the house. (So far).  Many companies give a life-time warranty with the spray-on vinyl paint.  It looks like paint, but acts like siding.  It takes special equipment to apply the vinyl paint, so you will have to hire someone to do it.  This is not something you want to try on your own, unless you know what you are doing.

As with all home improvement jobs, get several bids before deciding.  Take the time to put a calculator to it and see what the long-term difference will be. (Just don’t forget to include the energy savings).  Also get a few references and actually drive by their house and take a look.So how long does it take to have siding installed?

Assuming you go this route, expect to have workers at your house for about a week, Monday – Friday, that is the average for siding your entire house. Don’t forget to include the time it takes to get the siding delivered in the color and quantity you need.  This might take a few weeks.